Welcome to Givereport:

We are a one stop shop for useful information needed in clinical practice, home research and nursing school. Not only is this site being developed as a resource tool but also a place where the medical community can grow together sharing ideas and experiences alike.

With this support and the ability to get questions answered sharing in experiences and knowledge, nurses can collaborate their efforts to become well versed in several attributes of the profession. Initially this site was developed because of the overwhelming need for forms to "give report" and the end of a shift. Many nurses are searching for tools to assist with management of patient base information.  Charge Nurses, staff nurses and physicians may find these forms useful.

I found that there was a need for forms to help guide and organize the report and keep everyone on task with the information needed for a successful shift.  There is so much information now that is exchanged the forms are a summary of "need to know" information.  Some forms are very basic and allow the nurse to stay focused on the main data such as IV location, fluids and upcoming tests, while others will be critically focused by adding vent settings and other pertinent information for that specialty. 

I am extremely interested in any requests for additional fields to be added or modifications that work for you and I encourage you to contact me with your additions.  This also includes if you would like me to modify the forms to better suit your needs in the specialty area you work.
Together we are all striving for the same things in improvement in organization of our day or night to make the shift as smooth as possible.  It is always great when someone has a question and I can pull out my report sheet and have all of my information at my fingertips to answer it.  No running back to the station for a notebook or pad, this form is simply folded and put in my pocket for access wherever I may be.

I hope this helps anyone who will use it, I am open to your contributions as well.  The site also will have links to other areas for uniforms and supplies, nursing schools, agencies, and any other interests to nurses that are brought to my attention. 

Thank you for visiting the site.  As professionals we are  always striving to be more efficient in what we do.