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Central Line Flush

Guidelines for Flushing Central Line Catheters

Central Line IV Catheters

Recommended Maintenance Flush

Non-tunneled catheters double or triple lumen (Subclavian or Jugular insertion site).

10cc of normal saline then, 1cc of 100u/cc Heparin in each lumen once every day and after each use

Groshong Catheter (has an internal valve preventing blood from refluxing into catheter of air from entering).

10cc Saline flush every 7 days and after each use administered with a 10cc syringe. No Heparin flush used.

Hickman Catheter (tunneled under skin).

10cc saline flush then 1 cc of 100u/cc Heparin once every day and after each use.

Hohn Catheter (cuffed)

10cc saline flush and 0.5cc of 1000u/cc Heparin after each use; 0.5cc of 2500u/cc at discharge and every 21 days.

Arrow or Cook PICC (peripherally Inserted Central Catheter); insertion site is in the antecubital or upper arm

10cc of normal saline then 1cc of 100u/cc Heparin every day and after each use. Do not use Tuberculin syringe to flush.

Groshong PICC

10cc normal saline flush in each lumen once a day and after each use

Implanted port in chest or antecubital region. (If accessed, need to obtain order regarding how often to change port needle; it is recommended to change every 3-7 days depending on physician preference.)

10cc of normal saline flush, then 5cc of 100u/cc Heparin once every day and after each use when accessed. When not accessed, every 4 weeks access port and flush with 10cc of normal saline flush, then 5cc of 100u/cc Heparin.

Quinton Catheter (Intended for dialysis use but may be used for IV administration with specific order from physician).

Flushed after dialysis with 1.5cc of 1000u/cc Heparin each lumen. If ordered to use for IV administration, withdraw Heparin from lumen and flush with 10cc saline before using for IV therapy.

Note: The above are the recommended maintenance flush orders. Each physician may elect to follow his/her own individual protocols by their orders.