Artificial Eye Care

  How to clean an artificial eye prosthesis

  1. Perform hand hygiene. Apply disposable gloves.
  2. Place towel just below patient's face.
  3. With thumb of dominant hand, gently retract lower eyelid against lower orbital ridge.
  4. Exert slight pressure below eyelid, and slide prosthesis out.
  5. Note presence and orientation of colored dot at margin of prosthesis.
  6. Place prosthesis in palm of hand.
  7. Clean prosthesis:
  8. Wash with mild soap and warm water or plain saline solution by rubbing well between thumb and index finger.
  9. Polish with moistened facial tissues or gauze if necessary.
  10. Rinse well under running tap water or saline solution.
  11. Inspect prosthesis for rough edges or surfaces. Set aside on towel.
  12. If prosthesis will not be reinserted immediately, store in sterile saline in a labeled case in a documented location.
  13. Clean eyelid margins and socket:
  14. Wash and rinse eyelid margins with mild soap and water. Wipe from inner to outer canthus using a clean section of cloth with each wipe.
  15. Retract upper and lower eyelid margins with thumb and index finger.
  16. Gently irrigate socket with sterile saline solution. Note presence of discharge or odor.
  17. Remove excess moisture with gauze pads by wiping from inner to outer canthus.
  18. Moisten prosthesis in water or sterile saline.
  19. Retract patient's upper eyelid with index finger or thumb of nondominant hand.
  20. With dominant hand, hold prosthesis so that iris faces outward and colored dot is properly oriented.
  21. Gently slide prosthesis up under upper eyelid and then push down lower lid to allow prosthesis to slip into place.
  22. Blot excess moisture from eye with gauze or tissue.
  23. Dispose of soiled supplies, remove gloves, and perform hand hygiene.