Temperature: Tympanic

  1. Perform hand hygiene and apply disposable gloves.
  2. Assist patient to position with head turned to side, away from nurse. If patient lies on one side, use upper ear.
  3. Remove thermometer handheld unit from charging base. Slide disposable speculum cover over the otoscope-like lens tip until it locks into place.
  4. Check for excess earwax in patient’s ear canal. Pull ear pinna backward, up, and out for an adult.
  5. Insert speculum snugly into patient’s ear canal following manufacturer’s instructions. Point speculum tip toward nose. Depress scan button.
  6. Leave probe or speculum in place until audible signal occurs and patient’s temperature appears on digital display. Then remove probe or speculum.
  7. Push ejection button to discard plastic probe (or speculum) cover into appropriate receptacle. Return thermometer stem to recording unit; return handheld unit to base.
  8. Return patient to comfortable position.
  9. Remove and dispose of gloves in appropriate receptacle. Perform hand hygiene.
  10. Return thermometer to charger or return handheld unit to thermometer base.