Transferring a Patient

  1. Obtain transfer order and make sure documentation in patient's record is complete. Nursing care measures should be individualized based on patient's need.
  2. Explain reason for transfer to patient.
  3. Complete nursing care transfer form according to institution policy. (When transfer is to a different nursing unit, entire medical record accompanies patient.)
  4. Gather patient's personal care items, clothing, and valuables. Secure in suitcase or container.
  5. Anticipate problems patient may develop just before or during transfer. Perform necessary nursing therapies such as suctioning or changing a dressing.
  6. Assist in transferring patient to stretcher or wheelchair using proper body mechanics.
  7. Perform and document final assessment of patient's physical stability.
  8. When transfer is to an outside institution, accompany patient to transport vehicle.
  9. Call the receiving institution/unit and notify of impending transfer and patient's status (check institution policy).