Trach Tube Cuff Inflation

  Assess for need to perform tube care.
  1. Perform hand hygiene and apply gloves and face shield, if indicated.
  2. With patient in semi-Fowler or other comfortable position, suction secretions through endotracheal (ET) or  tracheostomy tube and mouth.
  3. Connect syringe to pilot balloon.
  4. Place stethoscope in sternal notch or above tracheostomy tube. Listen for minimal air leak at end of inspiration.
  5. If no air leak is heard, remove all air from cuff.
  6. Inflate cuff according to institutional policy.
  7. If excessive air leak is heard, slowly add air as in step 7.
  8. Remove stethoscope and wipe diaphragm with alcohol wipe.
  9. Discard or store syringe appropriately. Do not leave attached to pilot balloon valve.
  10. Reposition patient.
  11. Remove gloves and face shield; discard appropriately. Perform hand hygiene.
  12. Compare respiratory assessments before and after cuff care.