1. Perform hand hygiene and don personal protective equipment. 
  2. Assemble equipment.
  3. Set up autotransfusion unit. (See manufacturer's instructions.) 
  4. If instructed by manufacturer's recommendations, inject anticoagulant into the autotransfusion bag before collecting blood from the patient. 
  5. Connect the patient's drainage or chest tube to the collection bag directly or via a water-seal setup. 
  6. Before disconnecting the filled collection bag for patient infusion, a new collection system should be prepared. 
  7. Clamp the tubes (attached to the tubing by the manufacturer) on the new collection bag. 
  8. Close the clamp on the patient drainage tubing 
  9. If the collection bag is part of the water-seal system, close the clamps on the tubing connected to the water-seal drainage unit. 
  10. Disconnect the filled bag from the patient system, maintaining sterility at all times. 
  11. Take the previously prepared new collection bag; attach it to the water-seal unit or to the patient's chest tube or drainage tube. 
  12. Ensure that all connections are secure; open clamps on autotransfusion bag and patient drainage tubing. 
  13. Prime the blood administration tubing with NS. Connect filled collection bag to blood administration set with microfilter. 
  14. Initiate infusion as prescribed 
  15. Repeat procedure as needed. 
  16. Discard disposable supplies with blood in infectious waste. 
  17. Document in patient's record.