Blood Filters

  1. Perform hand hygiene and apply gloves. 
  2. Verify the patient's identity in accordance with institutional policy. 
  3. Spike one tail of Y-type tubing with 0.9% normal saline and prime the tubing. 
  4. Fill the drip chamber, the filter area, and the tubing from the normal saline solution bag. Clamp the patient line and the solution line. 
  5. Ensure that the filter is completely saturated with fluid so that it can function properly. 
  6. Close the roller clamp to the patient. 
  7. Spike the other tail of the Y-type tubing with the blood or blood component bag. 
  8. Close the patient clamp and hold the blood bag and the filter upright, with the blood bag slightly above the level of the normal saline solution. Open the blood clamp slowly to allow the blood to enter the drip chamber. 
  9. Open the patient-line clamp to the desired rate. 
  10. Discard supplies, remove gloves, and perform hand hygiene. 
  11. Document the procedure in the patient's record.
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