Blood Pump Use

  1. Wash hands and don nonsterile gloves. 
  2. Obtain and set up blood component for administration. 
  3. Prime the tubing and piggyback or directly connect into the primary IV line. 
  4. Open the roller clamp on the administration set. 
  5. Deflate the external pressure infusion cuff. 
  6. Guide the unit of blood component through the mesh or plastic covering of the cuff so that the entire unit remains within the mesh or plastic panel. 
  7. Secure the unit of blood component in place with fabric strap or Velcro closure and hang the cuff from the IV pole. 
  8. Inflate the external pressure infusion cuff to achieve the desired rate of flow. 
  9. When the transfusion is complete, deflate the external pressure cuff, close the roller clamp to the blood bag, and open the roller clamp to the 0.9% NS. 
  10. Flush the primary infusion tubing with 0.9% NS. 
  11. Transfuse additional units of blood components, if prescribed. 
  12. When all of the transfusions are completed, don nonsterile gloves, deflate the cuff, and remove the unit of blood component. 
  13. Regulate the primary IV infusion at the prescribed rate. 
  14. Discard used supplies and wash hands. 
  15. Document in patient record.