Bone Marrow Biopsy Aspirating

  1. Wash hands. 
  2. Ensure the patient is positioned appropriately. 
  3. Assist the physician or advanced practice nurse in obtaining necessary supplies. 
  4. Don gloves and protective eyewear. 
  5. Assist the physician or advanced practice nurse in syringe preparation. 6.  Divide 1 ml of 1000 unit/ml heparin into two 10-ml syringes. 
  6. Follow institutional procedure for administering prescribed IV pharmacologic agents, including sedation. 
  7. Assist in processing the aspirate obtained in the nonheparinized syringe first. 
  8. The aspirate in the 20-ml nonheparinized syringe should be placed in a purple-topped tube for slide preparation, clot analysis, and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) studies. 
  9. The aspirate in the heparinized syringes should be placed into green-topped sodium heparin tubes. 
  10. Assist as needed in performing touch prep with the bone biopsy core sample and place sample in 10% formalin fixative. 
  11. Assist in placing a dressing over the site as needed. 
  12. Follow institutional post-procedural recovery plan for patients who have received sedation. 
  13. Label samples in the presence of the patient and send samples for laboratory analysis. 
  14. Discard supplies, and wash hands. 
  15. Document in patient record.