Urinary Catheter: Indwelling Catheter Removal

How to remove an Indwelling Catheter

  1. Perform hand hygiene and apply gloves.
  2. Close curtain or door.
  3. Raise bed to appropriate working height. If side rails are raised, lower side rail on working side.
  4. Organize equipment.
  5. Position patient and cover with bath blanket, exposing only perineal area.
  6. Place female patient in dorsal recumbent position.
  7. Place male patient in supine position.
  8. Don gloves and place waterproof pad between female patient’s thighs (if in supine position) or over male patient’s thighs.
  9. Obtain sterile urine specimen if required.
  10. Remove adhesive tape or Velcro tube holder used to secure and anchor catheter.
  11. Insert hub of syringe into inflation valve (balloon port). Allow fluid to flow out then gently tug to ensure that all fluid has drained.  Aspirate entire amount of fluid used to inflate balloon if some remains.
  12. Pull catheter out smoothly and slowly.
  13. Wrap contaminated catheter in waterproof pad. Unhook collection bag and drainage tubing from bed.
  14. Reposition patient as necessary. Cleanse perineum, and remove any adhesive residue from skin. Lower level of bed, and position side rails accordingly.
  15. Measure and empty contents of collection bag.
  16. Dispose of all contaminated supplies correctly, remove gloves, and perform hand hygiene.
  17. Patient Alert:  Patients with indwelling catheters require specific care to reduce the risk of UTI and avoidance of urethra trauma.