Urinary Catheters: Straight and Indwelling Catheter Insertion Male

How to insert a catheter in a Male patient

  1. Perform hand hygiene. Close curtain or door and raise bed to working height.
  2. Stand on left side of bed if right-handed (on right side if left-handed) and assemble equipment on bedside table. Adjust side rails as necessary.
  3. Place waterproof pad under patient.
  4. Place patient in supine position with thighs abducted.
  5. Drape patient’s body with bath blanket, and cover lower extremities with bed sheet, exposing only genitalia.
  6. Apply disposable gloves; wash and dry perineal area. Position lamp to illuminate perineal area.
  7. Perform hand hygiene.
  8. Place drainage bag over bottom bed frame; bring tube up between side rail and mattress.
  9. Open catheter kit, and place within reach of work area, maintaining sterility.
  10. Apply sterile gloves.
  11. Organize supplies on sterile field:
  12. Pour solution over cotton ball compartment of catheter kit.
  13. Open packet of lubricant.
  14. Loosen lid of specimen container.
  15. Set specimen container and prefilled syringe on sterile field if needed.
  16. Test catheter balloon integrity.
  17. Lubricate catheter.
  18. Apply sterile drape, keeping gloves sterile:
  19. First method: Apply drape over thighs and under penis without completely opening fenestrated drape.
  20. Second method: Apply drape over thighs just below penis. Pick up fenestrated sterile drape, allow it to unfold, and drape it over penis with fenestrated slit resting over penis.
  21. Place sterile tray and contents on sterile drape between legs, and open specimen container.
  22. Cleanse urethral meatus using cotton balls saturated with antiseptic solution. If patient is not circumcised, first retract foreskin to expose urethral meatus.
  23. Pick up catheter with gloved dominant hand. Place distal end of catheter in urine tray.
  24. Insert catheter until urine appears. Do not force catheter.
  25. Collect urine specimen if needed.
  26. Allow bladder to empty fully.
  27. Verify institution policy on maximum amount of urine drained with each catheterization (800 to 1000 ml).
  28. If using straight, single-use catheter, slowly remove.
  29. Inflate catheter balloon, and verify correct position.
  30. Attach catheter to collection tube drainage system.
  31. Anchor catheter securely, allowing slack for patient movement. Clip drainage tubing to edge of mattress.
  32. Cleanse perineal area if needed.
  33. Remove gloves, and dispose of equipment, drapes, and urine properly.
  34. Perform hand hygiene.