Endoscopy: Assisting

1.  Perform hand hygiene and apply gloves, goggles, and mask.
2.  Remove patient's dentures.
3.  Position patient:
  a.  Upper GI study: left lateral Sims position.
  b.  Lower GI study: left lateral decubitus position.
4.  Verify patent IV site.
5.  Administer atropine as needed.
6.  Place suction cannula within easy access to patient.
7.  Assist patient through the procedure, promoting comfort and explaining steps of procedure as they occur.
8.  Place tissue specimens in proper laboratory containers.
9.  Return patient to comfortable position.
10. Perform hand hygiene.
11. Provide slides and containers for specimens, and fix or seal as needed.
12. Postprocedure evaluation:
  a.  Vital signs and oxygen saturation levels
  b.  Level of sedation and level of consciousness
  c.  Evidence of pain
  d.  Emesis for occult blood
  e.  Return of gag reflex prior to patient eating or drinking
13. Be aware of potential unexpected outcomes:
  a.  Vasovagal reaction
  b.  Respiratory distress indicating possible aspiration pneumonia
14. Record assessment findings.