CPM Continuous Passive Motion Machine

  Provide analgesic before CPM.

   1. Perform hand hygiene.
   2. Apply nonsterile gloves, if needed.
   3. Apply elastic hose.
   4. Place CPM machine on bed.
   5. Set limits of flexion and extension, and speed control to slow or moderate range, as prescribed.
   6. Put machine through one full cycle and stop when in extension.
   7. Place sheepskin on CPM machine, place patient's extremity in machine.
   8. Adjust machine to patient's extremity:
   9. Lengthen and shorten sections.
  10. Center extremity on frame.
  11. Align joint with the mechanical joint of the CPM.
  12. Secure extremity on machine with Velcro straps.
  13. Start machine, stop machine (in flexed position), and check degree of flexion.
  14. Restart machine and observe two full cycles.
  15. Verify patient's comfort.
  16. Provide patient with on/off switch.
  17. Instruct patient to notify nurse immediately if:
  18. Machine malfunctions.
  19. She/he is experiencing pain.
  20. Assess patient comfort, positioning, wound (if present), and skin every 2 hours.
  21. Perform hand hygiene.
  22. Record procedure, patient's response, and patient complaints.