Lateral, semi prone and log rolling

Realign patient in correct body alignment using one of the methods described below.

  1.  Perform hand hygiene.
  2. Close door to room or close bedside curtains.
  3. Put bed in flat position.


Positioning patient in 30-degree lateral (side-lying) position

  1. Lower head of bed completely or as low as patient can tolerate.
  2. Position patient to side of bed opposite direction patient is to be turned.
  3. Turn patient onto side. To turn helpless patient onto side, flex patient’s knee that will not be next to mattress. Place one hand on patient’s hip and one hand on patient’s shoulder.
  4. Roll patient onto side toward nurse.
  5. Place pillow under patient’s head and neck.
  6. Bring dependent shoulder blade forward.
  7. Position both arms in slightly flexed position. Upper arm is supported by pillow level with shoulder; other arm, by mattress.
  8. Bring dependent hip slightly forward so that angle from hip to mattress is approximately 30 degrees.
  9. Place a pillow behind patient’s back. (Make by folding pillow lengthwise. Smooth area is slightly tucked under patient’s back.)
  10. Place pillow under semiflexed upper leg level at hip from groin to foot.
  11. Place a rolled towel, small blanket, or sandbag parallel to plantar surface of dependent foot. High-top sneakers on the patient’s feet may also be helpful.
  12. Perform hand hygiene.

Positioning patient in Sims’ (semi-prone) position

  1. Lower head of bed completely.
  2. Place patient in supine position.
  3. Roll patient on side, and position in lateral position, lying partially on abdomen, with dependent shoulder lifted out and arm placed at patient’s side.
  4. Place small pillow under patient’s head.
  5. Place pillow under flexed upper arm, supporting arm level with shoulder.
  6. Place pillow under flexed upper legs, supporting leg level with hip.
  7. Place rolled towels, small blanket, or sandbags parallel to plantar surface of foot.  High-top sneakers on the patient’s feet may also be helpful.
  8. Perform hand hygiene.

Log rolling the patient (three nurses)

  1. Place small pillow between patient’s knees.
  2. Cross patient’s arms on chest.
  3. Position two nurses on the side the patient is to be turned toward, and one nurse on the side where pillows are to be placed.
  4. Fanfold the draw sheet along side of patient that will be turning.
  5. With one nurse grasping draw sheet at lower hips and thighs, and the other nurse grasping draw sheet at patient’s shoulders and lower back, roll the patient as one unit in a smooth, continuous motion on the count of 3.
  6. Nurse on the opposite side of the bed places pillows along the length of the patient for support.
  7. Gently lean the patient as a unit back toward the pillows for support.
  8. Perform hand hygiene.