Teds and SCD's

Position patient in supine position. Elevate head of bed to comfortable level.

  1. If necessary, bathe legs and dry thoroughly. It is optional to apply a small amount of powder to legs and feet, provided patient does not have sensitivity to either.
  2. Apply elastic stockings:
  3. Turn elastic stocking inside out by placing one hand into sock, holding toe of sock with other hand, and pulling.
  4. Place patient's toes into foot of elastic stocking, making sure that sock is smooth.
  5. Slide remaining portion of sock over patient's foot, being sure that the toes are covered. Make sure the foot fits into the toe and heel position of the sock. Sock will now be right-side out.
  6. Slide sock up over patient's calf until sock is completely extended. Be sure sock is smooth and no ridges or wrinkles are present.
  7. Instruct patient not to roll socks partially down.
  8. Apply SCD sleeves.
  9. Remove SCD sleeves from plastic, unfold, and flatten.
  10. Arrange the SCD sleeve under the patient's leg according to the leg position indicated on the inner lining of the sleeve.
  11. Place patients leg on SCD sleeve.
  12. Back of ankle should line up with the ankle marking on inner lining of sleeve.
  13. Position back of knee with the popliteal opening.
  14. Wrap SCD sleeves securely around patient's leg.
  15. Check fit of SCD sleeves by placing two fingers between patients leg and sleeve.
  16. Attach SCD sleeve's connector to plug on mechanical unit. Arrows on connector line up with arrows on plug from mechanical unit.
  17. Turn mechanical unit on. Green light indicates unit is functioning.
  18. Monitor functioning of SCD through one full cycle of inflation and deflation.
  19. Reposition patient to position of comfort.
  20. Perform hand hygiene.
  21. Remove SCD sleeves at least once per shift.