Moist Heat: Compresses and Sitz Baths

  Procedure for Compress and Sitz Bath

   1. Perform hand hygiene.
   2. Place waterproof pad under patient and cover patient with blanket.
   3. Prepare compress.
   4. Warm compress solution; keep commercially prepared compress under infrared lamp; or prepare aquathermia        pad.
   5. Apply disposable gloves and remove any wound dressings.
   6. Note condition of wound and surrounding skin.
   7. Apply sterile gloves.
   8. Lightly place one layer of warmed gauze to wound and assess for redness after a few seconds.
   9. Pack gauze snugly and completely cover all wound surfaces.
  10. Cover moist compress with dry sterile dressing and bath towel.
  11. Place aquathermia or waterproof heating pad over towel if necessary.
  12. Change hot moist compress using sterile technique every 5 to 10 minutes.
  13. Apply disposable gloves and remove pad, towel, and compress when therapy is completed.
  14. Assess wound and condition of skin.
  15. Replace dry sterile dressing if ordered.
  16. Dispose of equipment and soiled compress.
  17. Wash hands.
  18. Provide sitz bath or soak to intact open skin.
  19. Remove dressing and discard with gloves

    * Apply disposable gloves..
    * Assess condition of wound and surrounding skin.
    * Fill basin or tub with warmed solution.
    * Cover patient with bath blanket or towel if needed.
    * Maintain constant soak temperature for 15-20 minutes using a blanket to cover basin.
    * Check body part after 10 minutes for redness.
    * Replace cooled solution with newly heated solution and continue soak.
    * Discontinue soak after 15 to 20 minutes.

Drain soak solution, clean equipment, and dispose of soiled linen and gloves.
Perform hand hygiene.