Pressure Bandages

  How to apply a pressure bandage

  1. Apply clean gloves. If patient's condition permits perform hand hygiene, apply clean gloves, and provide privacy.
  2. First nurse presses on site of bleeding. Second nurse unwraps roller bandage and places it within easy access.
  3. Second nurse quickly cuts three to five lengths of adhesive tape and places them within easy reach.
  4. In simultaneous coordinated actions:

  • Rapidly cover bleeding area with many thicknesses of gauze compresses. First nurse slips fingers out as second nurse exerts adequate pressure to continue control of bleeding.
  • Adhesive strips are placed 7 to 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) beyond width of dressing with even pressure on both sides of nurses fingers as close as possible to central bleeding source. Secure tape on distal end, pull tape across dressing, and maintain firm pressure as proximate end of tape is secured.
  • Remove fingers temporarily, and quickly cover center of area with third strip of tape.
  • Continue reinforcing area with tape as each successive strip is overlapped on alternating sides of center strip. Also continue applying pressure.
  • When pressure bandage is on extremity, apply roller gauze: apply two circular turns tautly on both sides of fingers that are pressing gauze. Compress over bleeding site. Simultaneously remove finger pressure and apply roller gauze pressure over center. Continue with figure-eight turns. Secure end with two circular turns and strip of adhesive.

Remove gloves, and perform hand hygiene.