Wound Drainage Evacuation

  Procedure for emptying Hemovac and Jackson-Pratt drains
Getting Ready

    * Provide privacy.
    * Perform hand hygiene, and apply gloves.
    * Place open sterile lab specimen and graduated measuring container on bed.
    * Maintain asepsis when opening and emptying evacuator systems.

Emptying Hemovac drainage system:

   1. Open plug on drainage reservoir.
   2. Tilt evacuator toward plug.
   3. Slowly squeeze surfaces together, and drain into sterile specimen container (if culture is ordered).
   4. Drain remainder into graduated cylinder, and cover specimen container.
   5. Close system:
   6. Hold alcohol sponge in dominant hand.
   7. Place evacuator on flat surface (open outlet facing upward), and press surfaces until top and bottom are in contact.
   8. Quickly cleanse opening, and immediately replace plug with other hand.
   9. Secure evacuator on patient’s bed.

Emptying Jackson-Pratt drainage system:

   1. Open emptying cap on side of bulb-shaped reservoir.
   2. Tilt drain toward direction of plug, and empty drainage from evacuator.
   3. Compress bulb over drainage container.
   4. Cleanse ends of emptying port with alcohol (while compressing container).
   5. Immediately replace cap.
   6. Secure evacuator below wound site with safety pin through patient’s gown.
   7. Label laboratory specimens.
   8. Discard supplies, and perform hand hygiene.
   9. Apply new gloves.
  10. Change dressing, and assess surrounding skin.
  11. Discard contaminated materials, and perform hand hygiene.
  12. Record procedure and results and complete intake and output report.
  13. Report abnormal findings to physician. 

If drainage accumulates in the wound bed, wound healing is delayed.