PEG Site Care

  1. Perform hand hygiene, and don nonsterile gloves.
  2. Use soap and warm water to moisten gauze pads and two cotton-tipped applicators.
  3. Wipe the area closest to the tube (stoma) with the cotton-tipped applicators, and wipe the proximal skin with the moistened gauze. Rinse with water.
  4. Dry skin and stoma thoroughly with a dry gauze pad.
  5. Using cotton-tipped applicator, apply protective skin barrier (e.g., vitamin A and D ointment or other commercial topical moisture barrier products) in a circular motion around stoma.
  6. Apply a 4 x 4 split gauze sponge around tube, and secure with tape along edges. Change gauze every 12 hours or when soiled or moist.
  7. Anchor tube to skin at adjacent spot on abdomen. Site should be rotated to avoid skin damage from repeated taping.
  8. Document in patient's record.