Defibrillation of Obstetric Patient

  1. Apply clean gloves.
  2. Place the patient in the left lateral position or supine with wedge under her left hip.
  3. Open the patient's airway and remove any loose articles in the patient's mouth. Suction secretions and insert oral airway, if required.
  4. Delegate and initiate CPR.
  5. Give the code team leader a brief verbal report of events.
  6. Remove all metallic objects and transdermal medication patches from the patient.
  7. Dry the patient's chest if it is wet.
  8. Assist with any ACLS resuscitation as directed by the code team leader who is experienced in ACLS.
  9. Assist with clearing personnel before defibrillation takes place.
  10. Observe for signs of spontaneous breathing, respirations, or pulse following each delivered shock.
  11. Continue CPR immediately post defibrillation until relieved, until patient regains spontaneous pulse and respirations, until rescuer is exhausted and unable to perform CPR effectively, or until practitioner discontinues CPR. Continue CPR throughout an emergency cesarean section unless otherwise directed by the practitioner.
  12. Discard used supplies, remove gloves, and perform hand hygiene.
Document the procedure in the patient's record.