Delivery Room Preparation for Newborn

Delivery Table Set-Up
1.Perform hand hygiene. Apply cap, mask, and/or gown as required by institutional policy.
2.Place obstetric (OB) delivery pack on table or birth cart (or any flat work space that is above waist level).
3.Maintaining sterility, open the OB delivery pack
4.Maintaining their sterility, add any additional supplies, perineal preparation supplies, and delivery instruments per institutional policy.
5.Perform hand hygiene and apply sterile gloves; arrange instruments and supplies on table per institutional policy.
6.Cover the table with sterile drape if not using within 1 hour.
7.Remove gloves, mask, cap, and gown and discard with supplies in proper trash receptacles. Perform hand hygiene.

RW Set-Up
1.Perform hand hygiene.
2.Turn on RW and ensure accessibility and functionality of oxygen source, suction source, lighting source, and    heat source.
3.Place baby blankets and cap in warmer.
4.Set out the infant's medications.
5.Set out stethoscope and thermometer.
6.Set out foot printing materials, lab request for cord blood, and newborn delivery record.

Ensure availability of:

Clean gloves.

Newborn resuscitation kit.

Additional bulb syringe.

Perform hand hygiene.

General Room Set Up
1.Perform hand hygiene.
2.Check availability of oxygen and suction sources for the mother.
3.Set out oxytocin (Pitocin), syringe, needle, and any necessary IV fluids.
4.Ensure availability of:
5.Stirrups and/or foot rests per institutional policy and physician preference.
6.Baby scales and measuring tape.
7.Identification bracelets per institutional policy.
8.Forceps, vacuum extractor, and/or suture.
9.Collection system and documentation/request forms for cord blood.
10.Delivery record and newborn admission record per institutional policy.
11.Oxytocic medications or equivalent drugs per institutional policy.
12.Discard supplies in proper trash receptacles. Perform hand hygiene.
13.Document the procedure in the patient's record.


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