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Epidural Catheter: Removal

  1. Ensure that the child and family understand the procedure and that questions are answered.
  2. Gather the needed supplies and equipment.
  3. Discontinue the catheter per institution-specific protocol and as authorized by the state nurse practice act.
  4. Perform hand hygiene; put on clean gloves.
  5. Position the child in a sitting or side-lying position with the back arched.
  6. Gently remove all tape and dressing materials from the skin.
  7. Apply gentle traction on the catheter to remove it.
  8. If resistance is felt, reposition the child and retry removal. If the catheter still cannot be removed, contact the anesthesia/pain service.
  9. Inspect the catheter tip for the presence of a black or blue mark.
  10. Cover the insertion site with an adhesive bandage.
  11. Discard the used supplies and equipment in the appropriate receptacles.
  12. Waste any remaining medication per institution-specific protocol.
  13. Remove gloves; perform hand hygiene.
  14. Ensure that adequate analgesia will be provided by way of another route of delivery.
  15. Document the procedure in the child's record.