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Biliblanket Maternal Newborn

  1. Perform hand hygiene and apply clean gloves.
  2. Verify the patient's identity using two patient identifiers in accordance with institutional policy.
  3. Measure mattress irradiance using a special bilimeter, if available.
  4. Position the fiberoptic unit at the bedside per institutional policy and manufacturer recommendations. Slide disposable cover over the biliblanket mattress and place the covered mattress flat on the infant bed, positioning the light-producing side up. If ordered by the physician, infant may be bundled with the biliblanket wrapped around the abdomen for bonding or feeding times. If infant is bundled, remove the eye protection.
  5. Plug the fiberoptic unit into a grounded outlet, inspecting the cord to make sure it is intact.
  6. Place the infant on radiant warmer or open crib and remove all clothing from the infant.
  7. Apply eye protection over the infant's closed eyes securely, but not tightly. If the infant is swaddled, no eye protection is necessary.
  8. Turn equipment on and verify correct mattress placement for maximum skin coverage.
  9. Remove gloves and discard in proper trash receptacle. Perform hand hygiene.
  10. Document the procedure in the patient's record.