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Car Seat Safety Newborn

Securing the Infant
To help defer liability, enlist the family's participation.

  1. Perform hand hygiene.
  2. Verify the patient's identity using two patient identifiers in accordance with institutional policy and match the ID to that of the mother or support person.
  3. Remove bulky clothing from the infant.
  4. Place the infant in the car seat and buckle the straps and harness retainer clip.
  5. Adjust the straps until they are snug. Verify that the harness retainer clip is located at the level of the infant's armpits.
  6. Support the infant's head on each side with the use of rolled blankets or towels. A rolled diaper or small towel can also be placed between the infant's legs, behind the crotch strap for support.
  7. Place blankets as needed for warmth over the secured infant.
  8. Perform the "car seat test" for any infant weighing less than 2500 g or less than 37 weeks' gestational age or per institutional policy. Follow institutional procedure for the test.
  9. Readjust the handle of the infant car seat to the carrying position.
  10. Perform hand hygiene.
  11. Accompany the infant and family to their vehicle.
  12. Documented the procedure in patient's record.

Securing the Car Seat
To help defer liability, enlist the family's participation.

  1. Refer to the vehicle manual to determine which position in the rear seat is recommended for the car seat.
  2. Help the family decide whether they want to use the seat belt or the LATCH system to secure the seat to the vehicle. There are both flexible and rigid LATCH systems.
  3. Refer to the car seat manual to determine the appropriate seat belt pathway for rear-facing positioning.
  4. Help the family work through the instructions for securing the car seat in the vehicle.
  5. Position the carrying handle to the back of the infant seat, ensuring that the handle is not wedged against the back of the vehicle seat in front of the infant seat.
  6. Perform hand hygiene.
  7. Document the procedure in the patient's record.