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Formula Feeding

  1. Perform hand hygiene.
  2. Verify the patient's identity using two patient identifiers in accordance with institutional policy.
  3. Prepare formula per unit policy.
  4. Assist the family member in placing the infant in a semi-upright or cradle-hold position from which the infant can see the face of the family member.
  5. Demonstrate how to position the bottle so the formula fills the nipple and the tip of the nipple rubs the palate to stimulate the suck reflex.
  6. Demonstrate burping positions and advise the family to burp the infant frequently during feedings for the first few days.
  7. Observe the infant for signs of satiety, such as drowsiness and cessation of sucking. Stop the feeding when such cues are noticed.
  8. Demonstrate how to provide rest and comfort to the infant after the feeding.
  9. Perform hand hygiene.
  10. Document the procedure in the patient's record.